Affordable Cost of Living

The cost of living in Toronto has climbed much faster than average incomes, making it difficult for people to join the middle class and maintain a decent quality of life. While some people are paying cash for penthouses, many more struggle to pay their mortgage or rent, and 20% of Torontonians live in poverty.  Childcare can cost even more than housing and is out of reach for many families, keeping them locked out of the workforce and further hampering their ability to get ahead. 60% of renters and 40% of owners in the GTA are seriously considering leaving the area due to the lack of affordability.

This is untenable. It is also not a new problem, nor an accident. The obscene cost of living in Toronto is a direct result of the decisions made by our councilors. Council, for example, makes it easy to own homes for people who can afford the high down payments, driving up the cost of living for everyone else. I have the courage to fight for:

  • Keeping property taxes manageable for the average family, less than the average of our neighbouring municipalities
  • Reform property tax rates for small businesses
  • Freeze TTC fares for two years, then tie increases to inflation
  • Fostering job growth in our community by developing TTC property
  • Fighting real estate speculation, prioritizing affordable housing over the profits of a few
  • Increasing the stock of housing of affordable, rental and family-sized housing units
  • Increasing funding for childcare, daycare and after-school programs
  • Providing subsidies to parents for not-for-profit, private and family-based caregivers that comply with standards
  • Reducing most water bills by making property owners that cause flooding pay more
  • Reducing hydro bills by improving energy efficiency standards in buildings


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