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Our planet is literally on fire, and yet we’ve known about climate change, and what need to do about it, for decades already. Cities are especially poised to significantly reduce green house gases. Toronto City Council developed a comprehensive Climate Change Adaptation Strategy...but has not funded it.

This is a pathetic lack of leadership in an era of extreme weather and increasing flooding that causes damage and even death. We have the policy tools available to  create economic opportunity while addressing the risks of climate change - we just need the courage to fight for:

  • Fully funding and implementing the approved Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
  • Reducing billions of dollars of damage by funding flood protection infrastructure -  implementing a Stormwater Charge (as in Mississauga), where those whose properties cause flooding pay more
  • Incentivizing residents to install green roofs and rain gardens to reduce flooding and water bills
  • Hiring local workers to implement energy efficiency retrofits in older apartment buildings
  • Raising energy efficiency standards on new builds
  • Building public transit and bike lane networks, giving people options that reduce pollution and commune times
  • Requiring public parking spaces under new developments to make room on our streets for pedestrians and bicycles


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