Improved Communication with Residents

In the 21st century, residents have higher expectations for the quantity and quality of communication with their representatives. With busy lives, 24 hour news cycles, varied work schedules and long commute times, I need to engage with you in a timeliness and format that works best for you. Now that Doug Ford has stripped the political representation and Charter rights of half of the people of Toronto, it will be even more important for Councillors to find a way to communication is consistent.

As your councillor, I will hire and manage a team that is technically savvy. We will raise the bar for how, and how often, my team provides information and communicates with voters, ensuring frequent two-way dialogue about the issues and their effects on our community. My team will:

  • Make interactions and problem-solving quicker and easier for residents by employing modern technology
  • Be knowledgeable of the concerns of residents, the bylaws and the resources available to help people
  • Be friendly and service-oriented
  • Work in multiple languages, as much as possible
  • Employ modern communications technology (and time tested media!)
    • Regular newsletters in mailboxes
    • Video
    • Various social media channels and groups
    • Emails
    • Text messages
  • Increase opportunities for real two-way dialogue, through:
    • Regular in-person townhalls
    • Frequent online live Q&A sessions
  • Make sure you are informed and engaged with the issues, by:
    • Giving you advanced notice of council’s legislative agenda
    • Describing the many sides of the issues that council will be voting on
    • Detailing the position I am leaning toward
    • Providing opportunity for feedback
    • Updating you on the progress being made


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