About Ryan

For years I have lived in an apartment at Broadview & Danforth because I enjoy my neighbours here, exploring the Don Valley, supporting local businesses and engaging in community building. I am a homeowner on the West Side but continue to reside here in East York, where my heart is. This is home. I work hard to maintain the gains our community has made, and I am outspoken when I think it will lead to our progress.

A Little About Me


  • I have 20 years of experience building up organizations & communities; I excel at bringing diverse groups together to solve problems
  • The values I live by are family and friends, fiscal prudence, integrity, working smart and continuous progress
  • I’m outspoken about economic, social and environmental justice and working to improve quality of life for everyone
  • As your councillor, I will continue to fight every day to improve transit, lower housing costs and secure more daycare spaces, and I’m asking for your vote and support


A Lot About Me

Feel free to read more about my career and community experience, my personal background, and my political beliefs.
Let me know if you have any questions or ideas.

My Experience

For 20 years I have been helping educational and public health organizations evolve beyond start-up phases through strategic development, communications, attracting stakeholders and financial support. I only put my energy into projects and organizations that implement bold ideas to make tangible improvements in the lives of people in our community.

I roll up my sleeves and work collaboratively with stakeholder groups, utilizing my entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional communication skills to get things done. I manage staff, volunteers and consultants, analyze data, strategize, engage with the public and capitalize on opportunities, all to help bring to life the compelling vision of organizations I believe in.  

I have spent the last four years at the University of Toronto bringing together experts, community groups, philanthropists and youth to develop programs and research that improve the health of Canadians through more effective systems. Before that I did similar work for the Canadian Mental Health Association and alternative schools, here in Toronto and abroad. I’ve also been the Board President of an educational not-for-profit for the past 12 years.  See my LinkedIn profile for a summary of my professional career. 

Whether in private business, not-for-profit organizations or volunteering, my focus has been advancing society through improved education, public health and democracy. I use my business skills and community development experience in working with students, academics, government officials, philanthropists and vulnerable populations to foster positive change through collaboration, creativity, passion and persuasion. I believe you will find that my experience matches my goals for being Councillor for Toronto-Danforth.

My Background

I’m a son to wonderfully still-in-love parents, a brother to a brave and funny sister and her partner, a loving uncle to their kids, a supportive and encouraging partner to a kind, savvy woman and a friend, confidant and colleague to many beautiful souls. I cherish these relationships.

Both of my parents grew up in modest circumstances, with large families in small houses. They helped raise their siblings and make money for the family, then moved out and joined the workforce immediately following high school. At 30 my dad was laid off from a factory and struggled to find employment. He used his savings to go back to school, and continued to study part-time until he completed an MBA. My parents worked hard to build a comfortable life for their family - they exemplify the story of Canadian social mobility, and instilled in me that values of family, hard work, saving and continuous education.

I started working when I was ten years old, in the cornfields and with paper routes, saving every dollar. My parents told me I had to go to university and pay for half of it. I worked two jobs throughout high school and university, paid for my first year of university in cash and graduated debt free. I went to teacher’s college, have earned multiple post-graduate certificates and am currently working to finish a Master’s in Community Development. I have travelled, studied, volunteered and worked all over the world.

My Perspective

Due to a great family, being Canadian, working hard, and learning that saving and education enabled opportunity, I have everything I could ever need. I know that I am fortunate. Now my goal in life is to build community and help society have everything it needs so that we can  all chase our dreams and relax more with friends and family.

I work to create for others, no matter where they come from, the kinds of opportunities I have been so fortunate to have. It pains me to see that, in a city as vibrant and wealthy as Toronto, there is so much poverty and disparity. I feel compelled to do what I can. Friends and family have convinced me to serve my community as a passionate and persuasive political advocate. I will continue to work hard every day, with voters, to improve opportunities for everyone, using the experience I have gained and the skills I possess.

I’m not partisan. I most recently campaigned for Peter Tabuns here in Toronto-Danforth, doing my part to ensure he would continue to protect renters, action on climate change & expanding OHIP. Peter is great. But I disagreed with the NDP planning deficits during an economic boom and felt they weren’t scrappy enough to defend their ideas. I’ve managed campaigns for the Green Party, voted for and donated to the Liberal, and I’ve been a member of each party, including the Conservatives, to help choose their leaders. See this Star article where I was profiled (scroll down towards the end) for engaging with each party to steer them towards smarter, fairer policy.

I love that our democracy in Toronto has no political parties. As a councillor, I will only serve you, the voter, and not a party, publicists or lobbyists. I’m here to represent voters to make progress on the pressing issues our city faces. Developers and lobbyists can get in the back of the line.

I believe that we need to be engaged residents of this city, and I will work to improve communications in order to keep our community united, using modern tools for keeping voters abreast of issues and where I stand.  Politics is about getting everyone on board to keep up the fight against those that would commit violence, degrade democracy, waste money, raise taxes and slash necessary services. There is no time to relent, as those who would attack our quality of life will also not relent. We need a fighter, a passionate and persuasive advocate to defend the progress our community has made.

Join me.


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