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Toronto is the safest city in North America, but it doesn’t seem that way lately. In an era of falling crime, gang and gun violence has defied that trend, bringing fear and tragedy to Toronto-Danforth and other parts of the city. Shocking numbers of people are getting killed in traffic. And people and their pocketbooks are suffering, and even dying, from extreme weather due to climate change and more frequent flooding.

Much of this is due to poor policy choices by a City Council that lacks the courage to face our problems head on. I have the courage to fight for:

  • A federal ban on personal ownership of handguns, assault weapons and ammunition - unless you’re a trained security professional or a licensed hunter, you can rent and leave guns at shooting galleries
  • A federal gun buyback program and increased penalties for gun possession and trafficking
  • Stymying gang recruitment by shifting funding from unsuccessful police programs to effective community development, including after-school and recreational programs
  • Creating economic opportunity and reducing isolation in priority neighbourhoods by prioritizing childcare, transit and affordable housing development
  • Adding speed and safety measures (ie speed bumps) whenever fixing residential streets
  • Improving the quality of infrastructure and signage for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians - lives and funds are saved through better design rather than expecting people to do the right thing
  • Sending violators of traffic laws to improvement classes - as the city grows and commuting becomes multi-modal, commuters need a new understanding of how to share the streets
  • Pushing Ontario for mandatory jail time for people responsible for hit and runs
  • Investing in flood protection infrastructure by implementing a Stormwater Charge (as in Mississauga), where those whose properties cause flooding pay more - Torontonians are on the hook for billions of dollars of damage, and people nearly died recently, due to preventable flooding caused by inaction by City Council


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